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Videos That
Enhance Fundraising

Fundraising Video Production in Los Angeles

Improve Cultivation

Increase Donations

Elevate Stewardship

Professional woman with curly hair gesturing while looking at a laptop screen during a video call in a modern office setting

Without video in your fundraising strategy, you risk:

❌ Missed donation opportunities

❌ Poor donor engagement

❌ Ineffective mission communication

❌ Lost potential supporters

❌ No reusable content from events

Let's Create Videos to Inspire Donors


Improve Cultivation

Strengthen donor relationships with personalized video content.

Elevate Stewardship

Showcase donor impact with professional video updates.


Drive more contributions through compelling storytelling.

We get it -
Implementing video in your fundraising strategy can seem overwhelming.

It's wrong that your vital mission stays underfunded due to lack of effective communication tools.

We're here to help!

Watch this video on how we helped

Keck Medicine of USC improve their fundraising strategy

Our Process

Online Workshop

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us so we can get to know your fundraising goals

Step 2: Receive Tailored Solutions

We'll create custom video solutions that match your needs and engage your donors.

Step 3: Inspire Action

See your message come to life, driving donor engagement and fostering support for your cause.

Man holding photography camera in front of a group of doctors

Are you struggling to engage donors and communicate your mission effectively? Many fundraisers find it challenging to create compelling video content that resonates with donors. At Dean Russell Productions, we understand the crucial role video plays in cultivating donor relationships and driving fundraising success. Our mission is to provide impactful video solutions that engage and inspire donors. We've partnered with organizations like Keck Medicine of USC to produce captivating video content that enhances donor engagement and achieves fundraising goals. Transform your fundraising with videos that inspire action: Schedule a Call: Free consultation to discuss your goals. Tailored Solutions: Custom video strategies to engage your donors. Inspire Action: See your message come to life, driving donor engagement and support. Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover how Dean Russell Productions can help you make a difference.

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